Friday, June 4, 2010

One Time I Had a Dream

One time I had a dream. In my dream I was sitting at a table in a room that looked much like an interrogation room in a jail. Everything appeared grey and the table was up against the wall. Across from me was a man. I don’t know who the man was, but I felt like I was supposed to tell him about Jesus. You know feeling you get when you come across someone and you know you need to talk to him or her about God? I had that feeling, and I knew that if I could just start the conversation that I would it would be ok and the bad feeling would leave. As soon as I said the first word a great power came over me leaving me seemingly paralyzed! I was completely engulfed by this power; it was not only around me but seemed to be moving through me. I could not move and I sat lifeless with my head hanging down. I could feel this power surging up through my body and then out of me towards this person at the table. I could see myself and my point of view was as if I were sitting in the top corner of the room. This power was, with no doubt, God. He spoke through me, but not by giving me words but as if I were a vessel for Him to pass through. I could not see God or anyone else, but I could sense a being standing right behind me. With every word He spoke his power seemed to pulse through me and I was filled with such a greater joy than I have ever known existed with each pulse. It was a perfect joy. Then God finished talking the power flowing in me was gone. I lifted my head and said, “Well then, what do you think about that”. Then I thought to myself something that I had heard many times before, “If you just start, if you just say yes then God will give you power and the words to say”. 

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