Sunday, May 9, 2010

We are going to the Bush

So, we will leave tomorrow about 9am to head out to the bush. We are going to a village that has a young church. They have faced trials of people in the church steeling and deaths, but there are a hand full of believers that are seeking God with their hearts. Other than that, I only know that we are supposed to take 30 bottles (45 nalgenes) of water and we will be coming back Saturday on public transport, which opens up all kinds of possibilities. This will be Cass's first time living in a village for a short time. Something to pray about will be her. Guys and girls do there own thing here, and while in the village she won't get to hang out with me all day, which would probably hard for anyone. Ha.


  1. Yeah...when I talked to you you forgot to mention the is that from natural causes? Just need to know if we need to send out a call for extra prayers. :) Cass I will pray extra hard for you. love ya'll

  2. We pray as you walk this week and do His will that you both will be under His wing, and that His Spirit will guide your hearts.

  3. I know you won't get to see this until you get back, but I will be praying for you.
    Aunt Marchie